WARNING: Anyone wishing to discontinue psychiatric drugs is cautioned to do so only under the supervision of a competent medical doctor because of potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

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True Hope For Wellbeing

Ask any psychiatrist or doctor what causes mental illness and they will tell you the same thing – no one knows exactly. The most common explanation for mental disorders is a ”chemical imbalance” in the brain, but this is an unproven theory. What is known and proven is that nutrients, such as zinc, vitamin B6 and B12, are the building blocks that a person needs to make the right amounts of important chemicals such as neurotransmitters and it makes sense that a lack of these nutrients could cause a person to not feel mentally healthy. Our guest this week is Anthony Stephan, co-founder of Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd., a non-profit company dedicated first and foremost to promoting mental wellness through non-invasive, nutritional means. The company has developed and currently produces a specialized micronutrient designed to address the unique nutritional deficiencies associated with mental illnesses. Thousands of people have been successfully helped to regain health, without using psychiatric drugs.

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Real Solutions for Mental Problems

Not only do psychiatrists not understand the cause of any mental disorder, they admittedly cannot cure them. This week’s guest is nutritionist Dolev Gilmore from Israel, who discusses how mental problems or abnormalities result from various deficiencies in the body that can be cured by restoring the body’s proper biochemicals, using vitamins and nutrition.

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How Diet Affects Your Mental Outlook

She is a straight-talking professional who is not afraid to criticize national health organizations, government agencies, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing companies, many of whom have agendas and priorities that interfere with distributing truthful information and promoting public health. On this week’s show Dr. Pamela Popper reveals how dietary deficiencies can be the source of emotional troubles. Let this nutrition expert show you how improve your outlook with the proper foods.

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Achieving Real Mental Health

Psychiatrists promote mental health as being of equal priority to physical health. The harsh reality, however, is that the analogy between physical and mental healing breaks down when contrasting the results of physical healing to the results of what passes for mental treatment today, under the influence of psychiatry. In simple terms, while medical cures exist, psychiatric ones don’t. Under the management of psychiatry today, there is no mental healing. The true resolution of many mental difficulties begins, not with a checklist of symptoms, but with ensuring that a competent, non-psychiatric physician completes a thorough physical examination. Mental healing treatments should be gauged on how they improve and strengthen individuals, their responsibility and their spiritual well-being—without relying upon powerful and addictive drugs.  This week’s guest is nutrition expert Spice Williams-Crosby, who will discuss how to do just that.

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 Nutritional Solutions for Real Mental Health

Not only do psychiatrists not understand the cause of any mental disorder, they cannot cure them. For example, Dr. Norman Sartorius, former president of the World Psychiatric Association, declared, ”The time when psychiatrists considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. In the future, the mentally ill have to learn to live with their illness.” However, this is not the case, and there are viable solutions for true mental health, without the use of dangerous psychiatric drugs.  This week’s guest is nationally recognized Naturopathic physician, Dr. Holly Lucille, who will discuss workable alternative solutions for mental problems.

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The Nurtured Heart Approach to “ADHD”

The ordinary method for handling children with ”ADHD” or other so-called behavioral problems is dangerous, and often fatal, psychiatric drugs.  These and other behavioral methods are not only dangerous, they usually backfire.  This week’s guest is Howard Glasser who has developed an easy and effective method—The Nurtured Heart Approach.

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The Underlying Physical Causes of Childhood Behavior Problems

After 30 years of independent vaccine research, Mary Tocco believes that our children are in grave danger. Not only are American children suffering with chronic illnesses like autism, asthma, diabetes, and obesity, but they are also being labeled with ADHD, learning problems and depression. But many of these problems are the result of adverse events after a toxic load given through the vaccines. We are the most vaccinated country in the world! Shouldn’t our children be the healthiest? This week’s guest is Mary Tocco, who has worked in the natural health care field for over 30 years.

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Chiropractic Care as an Alternative to Psychiatric Drugs

Dangerous psychiatric drugs are the most common method of ”treatment” prescribed by psychiatrists. On this week’s show Dr. Timothy M. Kehrig discusses important physical solutions, and how psychiatry leads one down the wrong path.  Let this Chiropractic expert show you alternatives to psychiatric drugging.

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The Nutritional Approach to Childhood Behavior Problems

ADHD diagnoses are based solely on symptoms – not lab tests or brain scans showing a physical abnormality of the brain. So why are children being put on powerful stimulant drugs? Because ADHD is a marketing campaign—not a diagnosable disease. This week’s guest is Steve Plog, founder of The Results Project.  He discusses his nutritional approach to behavioral symptoms.

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Alternative to Meds Center

Orthomolecular and Alternative Mental Health Care Programs for Alcohol Drug Treatment and Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal:

 Alternatives to Psych Drugs

There are
numerous alternatives to psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, including
standard medical care that does not require a stigmatizing and subjective
psychiatric label or a mind-altering drug. Alternatives to dangerous drugs that
have been proven no more effective than placebo, and more dangerous than most
street drugs, do exist.

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